The rise and rise of the text-only tweet, tips to use in your next campaign

When Twitter launched, it was built around SMS. Short  mobile message sized chunks of text which you could send and receive entirely over SMS. But time has changed and since then…

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5 top tips on how to deliver digitally engaging events from home

It's festival season! One of the best times of the year where music, creative thinks and product reveals are all pushed together with some bubbly on the side. Now I'm not going to…

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Stop making boring Zoom-style social media content – here’s 5 ways to get creative!

If I have to see another advert, social media post or video where the premise of the content is 'A Zoom Call' I am going to throw my laptop out the window... In the UK, lockdown…

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Why creators are more savvy than ever… Three things I took away from VidCon London

VidCon was back in London last weekend, with some of the biggest internet talent from YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and Twitter all showing face.

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Why speed is now the most important factor in successful social media viral content…

How many of your friends have posted a ‘which Disney character are you?’ Instagram lens onto their Instagram Story over the last two weeks? How many people have tried the Greggs…

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5 Christmas gift ideas for someone who works in social media

Christmas is coming... But what do you get for someone who's job it is to see everything on social media? Well, I've rounded up some of the best buys for someone who works in…

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What is social media content overload? Here’s how you can stop it!

Around 45% of the world’s population use social media daily - with the number growing rapidly. On average, users spend over 2 hours and 20 minutes on social media, according to a…

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What is the real value of paying for an influencer and how to track value for money

There's been a lot of talk recently about influencers value, and the real cost of working with creators or talent. How do you work out the right cost to charge as an influencer,…

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Happy #NationalFitnessDay – 5 brands sprinting off with social!

Get the social juices running (err) with 5 brands really making leaps and bounds on social media with their creative gold-medal content this #NationalFitnessDay!

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Why start up brands fail on social media… 5 things to avoid!

Some of my favourite client projects to work on are start up businesses. Working closely with a founder as they navigate the first steps of growing their amazing idea or brand -…

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