What the newest Facebook algorithm changes mean for you…

Another day, another update to Facebook algorithms! As someone who works across social media it’s paramount I stay on-trend with the always-changing algorithms, to ensure content is seen, performance is tweaked, and to keep content relevant to the best practices.

Case study: Live social media from Shell Eco-marathon Asia in Malaysia

Make the Future Live Malaysia featuring Shell Eco-marathon Asia took place this week, and I was on site producing social-first, live and fast turnaround outputs for global and international territories.

Vine 2.0 app Byte rolls out beta testing… and it looks promising!

Vine is back... well, kind of! As Twitter likes to do, they shut a really promising product down in 2016. Vine was an online platform that allowed users to create short looping video clips. The 6 second videos were able to be shared online and often went viral.

YouTube is testing AR, Adidas cracks hashflags and a lost dog is found – Recap the best social of the week

I get asked all the time what's the one thing in social I'm loving right now, or what I've spotted that is bucking the trend. Well, I thought it'd be nice to start sharing some of these online in my blog, so here we are with what I hope will become a recurring feature!

What can we learn from Lush leaving social media, and is it a trend we’ll see more of?

Lush is known for it's sweet smelling products, ethical backing and overly helpful in-store staff. But this week it's made headlines as one of the only millennial leading brands to quit social media all together. Why? Well, it's kind of unknown.

How the New Zealand shooter was allowed to spread fear across social media

Facebook, Twitter, social media is built for sharing anything. Including terror. The devastating news that poured in this morning as I woke of a terror attack on innocent civilians, it was difficult to believe.

London City Airport rebrand – Why the new look didn’t take off…

This week, London City Airport today unveiled a new brand identity, which it claims reflects a more dynamic, vibrant and contemporary look, synonymous with modern London. Calling the new look “bold” and “game changing” I was expecting quite a big departure from the usual stocky branding of airports, but what was actually unveiled looked pretty samey – and very safe.

What The Royal Family’s official social media guidelines can teach us about social control

The royals are calling out abusive, threatening, and discriminatory comments on their official accounts.

Listen in! Hit play on my Neighbours fan podcast…

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours… I’ve started a Neighbours fan podcast, with my boyfriend Sam! And it’s going pretty well.

How Papa Johns Pizza went out of flavour on Oscars night…

Oscars night, 2019. One of the biggest nights for social media... and a perfect time for brands to get in on the action.

VidCon 2019 London – Another missed opportunity to give the creator community an event to remember?

Another year, another event claiming to be the best influencer event since... well the last. But did it really live up to expectation or the scale of the VidCon LA?

I’m off to VidCon Europe in London this weekend… Let’s connect!

I'm heading back to VidCon Europe in London this weekend. It's a Community Festival, Creator Conference, and Industry Summit all wrapped up into one experience, taking place on 14-17 February 2019 in London.

5 must-have apps to raise your Instagram Stories game

Stories are big business for brands and personal users, with 400 million users interacting with Instagram Stories daily. 2/5 of Instagram's 1 billion user-base post Stories daily, while for brands they're vital as 1 in 3 daily

It’s all in the highlight! Instagram will soon let you share direct links to entire Stories

This opens up huge opportunity for brands to keep their self-destructing 24 hour long content going... especially if put into a highlight.

We need to educate influencers. The world isn’t free, and work should pay

Another day, yet another influencer scandal. This time, it’s 174,000 followers strong ‘Dining With Skyler’ a self renounced foodie, who was looking for some help with her social media accounts.

Music: What I’ve been listening to get through January 2019…

There's been some tracks which have helped me get through the slog, Blue Monday and those long raining evenings.

Why 2019 is still the year of Stories…

Stories are growing 15X faster than feeds, but are they really useful to brands?

What it was like to be a judge of The Drum’s Social Buzz Awards

It was a real privilege to be a part of The Social Buzz Awards 2017!