It’s not everyday you pop up on MTV… especially on a reality TV show.

I’m used to being behind the camera, and sometimes in front presenting, but being followed around for cult-reality show Teen Mom UK was quite different!

The show is a spin-off of the American format Teen Mom. It follows the lives of five British teenage mums who are trying to make it though motherhood. We were filming with one in particular, Shannon, who is an advocate of breastfeeding.

One of our clients at Creative Nerds is Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care for the UK Government – they were keen to launch an online nationwide video campaign to promote breastfeeding, the benefits to mum and baby plus quash some of the stigma and myths surrounding the topic.

You can see the final video we produced for them here.

We worked to storyboard a day following Shannon around and showcasing the everyday norms of breastfeeding in public. Our crew worked to shoot Shannon answering questions, delivering messaging and sharing her own story of breastfeeding with her son Theodore – and how she will approach breastfeeding when her second baby comes along in August.

While this was all going on, MTV were filming us, filming Shannon! She was a true pro, and it was interesting to see the fast turnaround of the self-shooting producers from True North, the production company for Teen Mom UK.

It was odd being filmed in my day to day job, and unlike when I present for brands or on television – there was no script, just the odd pick up or talking point to discuss. You just had to look the part at all times.

Having worked in reality TV, it’s easy to forget how hard the format is to get right. You need talented contributors and a quick thinking crew… plus a lot of release forms.

I was also nervous to see how i was portrayed on screen – luckily it was pretty positively, in my opinion!

Overall, it’s certainly confirmed my admissions that I won’t be signing up for a main part in TOWIE anytime soon… but was a really fun experience and great way to promote a fantastic campaign for our client.

You can see a snippet from the show which aired on MTV below…