Make the Future Live Malaysia featuring Shell Eco-marathon Asia took place this week, and I was on site producing social-first, live and fast turnaround outputs for global and international territories.

Shell Eco-marathon is a global competition of students to design and build ultra-energy-efficient cars, and then take them out on the track in competition. It’s a showcase of science, technology, engineering and maths at it’s finest.

It’s a super energetic, nerve-wracking, exciting week as students hard work pays off or can sometimes hit stumbling blocks… which makes for dramatic social content!

Around the world the programme inspires thousands of students to work collaboratively in their university teams to put their theories of energy-efficiency to the test, using cutting-edge technology, critical thinking, and innovative ideas.

Working with Starstruck Media, EditLounge and the Shell Creative Solutions team on-site I was outputting social assets across the festival weekend on Shell’s global pages, as well as Shell Eco-marathon, and Shell Australia.

Being on-site brings a range of positives and challenges. Firstly there’s the time difference, and so working across local markets in Australia, China, Singapore and so on all have different key social output timings, meaning planning was of paramount importance.

But, being on-site also brings a wealth of opportunity, especially in capturing on the fly social moments and telling quality, live, stories. Whether it was the Australian’s teams car breaking down on track, or the all-female Brunei team passing tech inspection.

It was important to engage the next generation of Shell Eco-marathon stars, educate those who have an interest in STEM and build positive sentiment towards Shell.

Building an energy-efficient vehicle is only half the journey for students, teams must also complete several design phases. Technical inspection is the final milestone before gaining access to the track.

There’s checks of the wheels, dimensions, safety elements such as speed of getting out of vehicle. The stakes are high for teams who have designed and built their vehicles as part of their studies, the results of technical inspection can mean pass or fail for their University courses!

Across the week, I worked on a huge amount of outputs, there were pieces posted from Instagram Stories, stills, videos, live content, paid elements such as Twitter first view, promotions and media cards, alongside native engagement including replies, following relevant accounts and retargeting.

We served the whole of Malaysia with content on Twitter using Promoted Trends and First-View to ensure a consistent narrative and more than just a brand awareness.

There were so many stories to tell, and it was thrilling to turn around stories as they were breaking…

Working across-agency planning, communicating on the fly changes, and outputting fast turnaround, same day content, I ensured followers were kept updated and engaged throughout the four day.

Using platforms how they were made was key, for example self-destructing Instagram Stories were perfect for daily updates and team stories, while Twitter and Facebook were best engaging in longer-form, quality video and live content.

Getting sign-off on the ground was also really helpful. Having the knowledge of the Shell VI guidelines and what Shell was hoping to achieve allowed me to play around with dynamic content styles, and ensure we were surprising and delighting the audience time after time.

Content that looks native to platform, while elevating with animated GFX, branded Stickers and native features such as the new Instagram Quiz meant Shell continued to be above the rest with view and retention rates strong throughout all content, especially the short form social-first elements.

I’ll be back on site with Shell soon, as their 2019 Shell Eco-marathon season continues, culminated in the Drivers’ World Championship final in London!

You can see further examples of outputted work from the week on-site below:

Twitter: Behind the scenes on-track
Instagram Stories: Shell Eco-marathon quiz
Live Video: Australian Team updates

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