Instagram is rolling out a new feature allowing users to share a link to an entire Story, or highlight!

This opens up huge opportunity for brands to keep their self-destructing 24 hour long content going… especially if put into a highlight.

For example, if you’re running a food Instagram account for a brand you could list your step-by-step recipes on Stories, then transfer to Highlights and re-share weekly via links to keep users returning.

This will also help with audience retention. Without over-posting you can now push back to your quality content, and as we all know… content is king.

The new process will allow users to click a button reading “Share Link to Entire Story” on the ‘More’ menu of a Story. While it’s no surprise, this isn’t a new feature for Snapchatters, as they rolled out the feature last year as well.

Business accounts will also be able to Promote on the go, allowing you to push stories further than before – and easily on mobile put advertising budget behind a tasty creative. This can help drive traffic to your website, send people to your profile, or get people to DM you in Direct.

How will you use Story links to increase returning viewers to your content, and keep them engaged? Let me know in the comments below…