It was announced this week that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to share their WhatsApp Status automatically to Facebook Stories, and Instagram.

Exciting right? Less time posting to each story, everything looks the same… and well, job done. Or is it?

Crossposting is becoming more and more common across the Facebook network (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook) with new featured being added all the time.

According to, Facebook is currently working on an option that will allow WhatsApp users to share updates directly to their Facebook Stories in a bid to increase the number of Stories appearing on the platform each day.

Recently it became possible to automatically post to Instagram AND your Facebook Business Page at once. But should you do it? Well in short, in my opinion. No. Especially if you’re a brand.

Platforms works totally differently, and should do. It’s one of the reasons one of the founders of Instagram stepped away from the project after Facebook tried to embed Instagram into it’s own platform too much.

As well as this, each platform has its own time that is best for posting, engaging and building your audience. Similarly, each platform has different things that gain traction and interest from your users.

Hashtags will work on Twitter, and Instagram uses them to pull users to relevant content, to whereas they’d be far less successful on Facebook and LinkedIn, where targeting your posts and writing them accordingly might work better.

Platform specific language can also help drive engagement – but you don’t want to be asking someone to ‘Retweet it’ on Facebook… Awks!

Another big downside of cross-posting is that your customers become conscious that they are just that. Customers. If you’re churning out the same content everywhere what is the value to follow you, engage or click through to your website. There can’t be anything new to see, as you’re posting the same news/offers/videos everywhere.

Again, this comes down to optimisation. I have a lot of clients with varying budgets. For some, running 4-5 social pages just isn’t feasible. Therefore I tell them to focus on one or two. Make compelling, bespoke, content for each – and grow your following… and of course it works.

What crossposting can be used for is Stories – especially across the Facebook network. Share your Instagram Story to WhatsApp and Facebook Stories, why not! It’s a similar setup, buttons/clicks/taps, work the same, and the user will be expecting that type of content. Job done!

The age old crossposting tweak was always Instagram straight into Twitter, but when Twitter discontinued this users and brands were left with ugly link status updates, and no images. It’s a real gripe of mine when any artist, brand or page posts an Instagram update to Twitter… WHY would you bother?! It’s so ugly.

If you are going to crosspost Instagram photos, even for your own personal account, use THIS workaround. IFTTT is a wonderful tool to automate things that don’t always work, and of course sharing to Facebook from Instagram is easy.

So in summary, crossposting can be incredibly useful, save time, and get your content further… but it shouldn’t replace a platform-centric social strategy with time taken to understand the audiences on each of your pages.

What do you think of crossposting, do you use it? Let me know in the comments.