If I have to see another advert, social media post or video where the premise of the content is ‘A Zoom Call’ I am going to throw my laptop out the window…

In the UK, lockdown is still rolling on, and it’s of the most importance to keep everyone safe. But does that mean creativity has to be harmed? I think not.

We’ve seen on platforms like TikTok and YouTube creators getting creative and thinking outside of the box to bring compelling, engaging content to millions of viewers – so there’s no reason your social content needs to fall flat.

According to Kantar, brands that avoid generic messages about staying at home, togetherness or looking to the future with optimism are more likely to resonate with consumers during lockdown and the pandemic.

Brands want to think outside the box, build customer positive sentiment in this time and grow emotional connections through warming and honest content.

One thing that is clear is that consumers definitely don’t want content that reminds people about coronavirus. This is even more reason to mix up your style of content – and ensure you stand out.

The data outlines that consumers are starting to get fed up with ads that look and feel the same and that don’t have anything specific to say.

“An unwritten set of category codes gets established because these key moments are considered essential to conveying what the product is and what it does,” Kantar explains.

“If you’re a deodorant brand for example you need to show wetness, armpits and the product being applied. This is often accentuated further when the brand doesn’t have anything different to say about itself versus other alternatives.”

Whether you’re a corporate updating customers on safety steps, or you’re a home delivery service – there’s still ways to elevate and stand out with your self-shot or homemade content.

1. Be creative with your backdrops

NO. I don’t mean your dodgy Zoom backgrounds…

If you are going to shoot content to put out on social media via your webcam at the very least make sure your backdrop is interesting. Not too busy and not too dull.

If your only option is a plain white wall, why not use graphics or animations to auto-impose photo frames, a fake window to paradise or something that suits your brand, maybe your stockroom, kitchen or workshop.

And if possible, why not try going outside or showing a different location to just your four walls. Socially distanced though, of course.


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2. Ask a creator to make some content for you

There’s never been a better time to delve into influencer content. Why not reach out to a micro-influencer (someone with under 10,000 followers, but with a targeted following) and ask them to create something for your brand, for a fee, of course.

Whether it be arts and crafts, animation, music, Instagram Stories, a dance… bring a smile to your audience through someone else – and support their business!

With engagement on Facebook up 40% and downloads of TikTok reaching record numbers, there is a captive audience to target.

Over the past few weeks influencers have seen huge increases in daily likes and engagement… with demand for influencer posts from lifestyle and wellness brands the highest.

Bringing other faces to your brand during lockdown allows you to focus on the bigger issues you may be facing – AND there’s a strong chance a creator has better quality cameras, lighting and microphones already all set up.

Isolation Stories - ITV

3. Think about clever ways to get better quality voice or audio recordings.

This one is simple, but makes all the difference. Usually on average 95% plus of us watch content on our phones with sound off… But suddenly we’re at home and can make as much noise as we want.

So make sure that sound is worth hearing. As well as investing in quality soundtracks and music that suit the mood of your content, ensure your audio is crystal clear.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a microphone, why not try recording with two phones or a laptop and phone… Keep one as close to your mouth as you can out of shot, and use a CLAP to sync the video from one and the audio from the other.

If you want to get even more technical add a third device as a second camera… and you’re halfway to having your own ITV Breakfast show!

4. Try a new creative or platform to story-tell on

Now is the time to embrace TikTok, GIFs, Messenger and whatever else you fancy. Why not do a Instagram DM wine tasting, a Twitter Q&A or Facebook Live from your garden.

On TikTok, quick-cut videos, around 15 to 60-seconds long, work… and often the simple ideas are the best.

The app is forecast to grow by as much as 67.0% to reach 8.12 million people by the end of 2020. By 2021, it will surpass 10 million. There’s a huge audience to engage.

From NHS nurses to MP’s – we’ve seen everyone on the platform recently. Everyone is expecting a change in the norm… so now is a chance to grab attention and do something different.

5. Focus on animations and pre-shot video content

If you still need to get your message across but do not want to feature from your kitchen… use animation or stop motion, and it’s not as complex as it sounds.

Why not get the kids to paint or colour in a selection of frames and then cut them together quickly to make a quirky animation or how about a BluTac character.

You can always add a voice over to the piece (even if you end up recording on your phone under your duvet… I promise, it’ll sound better), or photos you’ve already got!

The weird and wonderful are going viral daily on social media, so why shouldn’t your business?

So there you have it, there’s 5 top tips you can try to mix up your creative right now. And if you fancy some further reading, here’s some good inspiration:

How have you been switching things up whilst locked indoors? Let me know in the comments below…