We’re always on social media. Apart from sleep, we’re reaching for our phones.

Around 45% of the world’s population use social media daily – with the number growing rapidly. On average, users spend over 2 hours and 20 minutes on social media, according to a recent report.

That’s a huge chunk of your day daily. So it’s easy to feel run down, anxious or not good enough because of social media. We compare ourselves to those around us and with social media this reach has become a lot wider.

If it’s not your friends and family boasting about their holiday snaps or new puppy… it’s now brands and influencers filling the space on our timelines. We can find any model, influencer or celebrity and pull up thousands of photos, video clips, before and after snaps of them… all to compare to ourselves.

So how do you stop the branded content overload, and ensure you have a good social media/life balance? Here’s some of my top tips to keep you healthy and enjoying social media – as well as some ways to ensure you enjoy the festive season with those around you.

1. Use Twitter Lists

This is an relatively unknown feature of Twitter, which has recently been brought to the forefront as Twitter has integrated it into the feed on the mobile app. Twitter Lists are a curated group of Twitter accounts you have selected for a specific topic or interest. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others.

What’s great about them is viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list. So, if you don’t want to hear about Brexit, or Love Island… just visit your List Timeline and enjoy a totally different browsing experience.

Alternatively, if you only want to see tweets about Love Island – it also works, and is a great way to have specific browsing experiences during TV shows, debates, film releases etc.

A pro tip, you don’t even have to follow people to add them to a list – so it’s a great way to have an interest in a topic but for it not to take over your usual timeline.

2. Mute accounts

Is it too awkward to unfollow someone? Do you know them personally or have a direct reason you need to be following? Just mute the account.

You can hide and mute accounts on nearly all social platforms, and it’s a great way to take a breather. Sometimes, when I know an influencer is involved in a #gifted or #ad series, I’ll mute them for a month or so – as I may not be interested in the topic.

It’s an easy solution for me, and it doesn’t offend. Try doing it when you travel home for a birthday or holiday, honestly… it will totally switch up your timeline, it’s very refreshing!

3. Have a following clear out

It sounds simple… but like the above it makes the world of difference. If you don’t have a reason to follow an account, don’t. Unfollow. Hit the button and say goodbye.

Are you following too many models and it’s making you feel undesirable. Or are you following all the mums from school and it’s making you feel you’re not good enough. Just unfollow. It’s your social media – it’s your choice who you follow.

It is a space for you to explore, relax, laugh, enjoy… it shouldn’t feel like a forced act to follow somebody else, however well you know them.

4. Tell Facebook you want to hide an ad

Are you seeing the same content over and over and over again? It happens. Make sure you press the little down facing arrow on Facebook to the right of the post and mute it, or tell Facebook why it isn’t relevant to you.

Facebook is still our go-to for the majority of social media time, with an average of just under an hour daily.

Whether your ads are too repetitive, or don’t make sense… it will help better your social media experience, as the platforms learn from your interactions, and they’re not always right.

Another pro tip, check what the social networks ‘target you’ as. Within Ad Preferences you can see what Facebook thinks your interests are. If some are way off you can removed and modify them.

You can even hide specific ad groups directly, such as about alcohol, or pets.

5. Log out

Finally, it may sound odd as a social media specialist to tell you to log out, but do it. 60% of users say they are constantly connected in 2019. Don’t always feel you need to be connected and like you have to keep swiping.

Try logging out of Instagram and checking it in a specific downtime. Maybe on the train or the bus, and keeping it out of your day to day life.

It’ll change how to use it, and what you take away from it – and it could even benefit your mood!

Do you have any tips to stop social media burn out? Share yours in the comments below – I’d love to hear your ideas!