Another day, another update to Facebook algorithms!

As someone who works across social media accounts for clients and brands it’s paramount I stay on-trend with the always-changing algorithms to ensure content is seen, performance is tweaked, and to keep content relevant to the best practices.

Last week, Facebook announced new tweaks to video’s appearance on the timeline, so it’s time again to review what content performs best, how and why.

In a statement their Product Management Director David Miller said: “We want to help talented video creators find their audience and build profitable video businesses on Facebook.”

In short, they’re shifting the algorithms over the few coming months, that will hope to serve content better relevant content.

What are the changes?

Well, the way Facebook ranks videos is being tweaked. Firstly, loyalty and intent, then video and viewing durations and lastly originality.

These aren’t new… but they’re going to take further importance in video rankings and what you, or your followers, see on your feed.

So how do they affect your content?

Loyalty and intent

Content that users seek out and return to, will be positioned with the most value on the feed. This could be content that allows users to discover more time and time again, or content that they want to share with their friends.

This could mean adding better call to actions to your videos, or questions where users could give different answers on different days. Getting users to ‘save’ your video, or add to their collections, they can easily re-find it, and continue watching.

Video and viewing duration

This is interesting, as, reading between the lines, it’s another way of Facebook trying to put more emphasis on the fact longer videos allows them to serve more ads. In their own words “it’s important to ensure that videos capture viewers’ attention for at least one minute.” So longer form content should perform better.

But as always, this is really subjective to your account. Whatever length keeps your audience engaged is right here so I wouldn’t personally take too much notice of this.


Another interesting stance from Facebook, last year they announced they’d limit distribution for unoriginal or repurposed content from other sources aka Twitter or Instagram. Well, now they’re going to start demoting video content from Pages that are involved in sharing schemes.

So, as always… content is king. Keep Facebook video content different, relevant and unique. It should suit the platform, and the audience… ensuring they’re expecting the type of content on their timeline.

In Facebook’s own words, they’re hoping these changes will benefit video distribution for pages that create original content people want to watch and come back to.

They want people to see better quality content, watch it for longer… and then click on their advertising!

How will you tweak your strategy based on these new algorithm changes? Let me know in the comments below…